George Hanley was first introduced to trading as a young boy when he came to work with his father at the Chicago Board of Trade. He was captivated by the energy and excitement of the trading floor. By the time he started high school, George knew where he wanted to be.

After graduating from the University of Dayton, George joined the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange trading small contracts. George worked his way up to the global marketplace at Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. George went on to trade at various exchanges around the world and found his niche in the Chicago Board of Trade’s Agricultural Option Pits. George realized he could scale beyond an individual trader, and he founded the Hanley Group in 1986.

Hanley Group offered a comprehensive clerk training program that helped more than 100 traders get their start in the business. Hanley Group’s success was accomplished by building a process of identifying talented young people and teaching them disciplined trading strategies and leveraging emerging technologies. A number of trading firms grew out of Hanley Group, including Infinium Capital Management and Blink Trading. He sold Blink to GETCO in 2002. After helping traders from Hanley Group launch and grow Infinium, Hanley left the firm in 2009.

George entered the commercial real estate business in 2014 when he became a principle of R2 Companies. George has a history of identifying and supporting young talented entrepreneurs to accomplish great things. He built upon his experience to co-found Leftbank Capital and Normandy Island LLC.